Can I use TubeChop URLS in my prezi?

I want to use a YouTube video in my Prezi, but I only need about 30-40 seconds. I realize that there are ways to download YouTube videos to edit, but I’m also trying to encourage student use of Prezi too. Using a site like TubeChop that allows easy clipping of YouTube videos resulting in a new URL for the clip is much easier to do than to go through the process of downloading (which isn’t entirely ethical), editing, and uploading. Is there a way to use the URL for TubeChop in my Prezi? If not, is there anything in the works that will make it easier to embed clips? This problem is discouraging my students from using Prezi as an option.

Hi Megan,

Thanks for contacting us and sorry for the late answer!
Prezi support  FLV, MOV, WMV, F4V, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, 3GP files and youtube links for the editor.
We do not have built-in video editor inside prezi editor.
If you want to try and see if the links from tubechop works, it can be an option but the above mentioned files and youtube links are the ones that are officially supported by prezi!


SO the answer is NO. Same problem here

Hi Jose,

I`m sorry for that, but I appreciate the feedback.
We are working to improve the tool and any comment about our features is of great help.