Can it cause issues if the resolution of my image is too big?



I am trying to use Prezi to create an interactive map. However, when I upload my background image (map) and zoom, the image is pixelated to the point of it being unusable:

Section zoomed in the presentation:

How can I correct this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

P.S I can only put one image in this post, so I’ll put the comparison picture in a comment below.



We have the same problem and have been told that there really is nothing that can be done with it. PLEASE! Prezi team: We need more than that answer! Is there ANY way to make imported backgrounds as nice and crisp as they were when using Classic?


Could you please send us the original file via WeTransfer so that we can test it? Please also make sure you use images with a 16:9 ratio and with 1800 pixels width, that should ensure the best performance.


Thanks @Vanda

The link is [link removed]



Thank you for the file, we’ve tested it and it turned out that the image is too big, so Prezi Next, in order to enhance smooth loading, automatically resizes it.

If you’d like to have a better resolution, please make the image smaller (eg. the resolution now is 300 dpi, on web 72 dpi should more than enough).

I hope it helps!


Thanks @Vanda,

I’m afraid the same is still happening despite me having exported my image in lower quality and at 72dpi. The file size is now 950kb. File is: [link removed]



Prezi background:


Thank you for sending in the file.

I think the issue is connected to the fact that currently Prezi Next automatically resizes all oversized images and it is not possible to insert high-resolution images at the moment. If you insert an image with the 5261 × 3403 resolution (as the one in your case) Prezi Next will resize it to 1800 x 1164. This is to make sure that all viewers with different specification computers can view the presentation without any performance issues.

Could you please maybe try using a PNG file? That might help.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you at the moment.


My understanding is that it’s not going to be possible from what you’ve said.

I can reproduce the pixelated effect at 1800 x 1125 on my computer. This is irrespective of whether it’s in PNG or JPEG format. If Prezi is going to automatically lower the resolution to that then nothing I do to the uploaded file will make any difference.

Such a shame considering one Prezi’s USP for me is the ability to interactively move around a background image.


I understand that the resizing dictates how far deep the zooming can go. But please know that the reason for resizing is to make sure that presentations can be viewed on any computer without lagging (as different machines can handle different resolutions).


the entire point of our firm using prezi is to zoom into highly detailed 3d rendered building plans to showcase different design features. that’s just not possible in Prezi Next. this feature is absolutely necessary for us. we present on our own laptops and will work to make sure the images we place aren’t too large.

PLEASE provide a warning when placing high res images and allow us to prevent resizing at our own discretion.


@mel_leblond thank you, the feedback is absolutely valid, we’ll pass it on!


I think most of us now understand why Prezi Next automatically resizes images - to make sure the presentation can be viewed on any computer.
However, this stops us creating truly immersive presentations that zoom deep into images without resulting in ugly pixelation.
Please just reinstate the Prezi Classic option of inserting large images with the warning to either keep the original size or have the system downsize the image.


@BTAL we’ve taken note!


3 months later – Can I have an update on this thread?? please tell me there is a way to be able to keep the original size … We are a large land developer and I always upload our neighbourhood maps onto prezi and zoom around to show our customers our inventory. I always upload our large maps and keep the original size rather than downsizing … and now when I zoom into the Prezi Next maps it is VERY blurry.


We have been having the same issue. Our Next presentations have become to bad (background) looking, that we have now gone back to Classic. :frowning: If you do figure out or receive an answer to your question, please let us know! We have also been asking this questions on a different thread with no answer. . .


As we take the quality and performance of Prezi Next very seriously, our development team is currently dedicating additional time and energy to fixing any glitches you can face while using the editor or presenting your presentation. The quality of image resolution is reported to the responsible team, we’ll share any news here!


Has there been an update now? I’m in the same situation. I want to zoom in on a large, detailed map.


@Kate_Valdovinos, we do not have an update but we will make sure to post any news in the thread.