Can it cause issues if the resolution of my image is too big?


Hi Prezi team,
There is still no solution to the issue of image resolution.
This issue was raised over 1 year ago now.
Surely there has been enough time for your developers to look at this to either tell us they plan to address this issue in a coming update or they have decided it is not going to be fixed.
I’m still using Prezi Classic because of the image resolution issue.


I’m beginning to think using Prezy Next is a mistake.
-Low quality images as spoken of in this thread.
-numerous bugs that i keep contacting them about (losing all of my custom colors each time when logging out for instance)
-not being able to select an image ‘behind’ another image without moving your whole design arround.

It just keeps on going and we always get the same replies. “thanks for your feedback” and “we’re working on it”.

I’m getting tired of this. Does anyone know a good alternative?


Hi @Corrie_Mols unfortunately you are not alone. The list is very long for people who are experiencing multiple issues. For now we are switching back to Classic which is far better till today.


You are not the only ones who are doing this. We are doing the same for now. We are just sad for those who do not have access to Classic to do the things that Next will not or cannot do.


My presentation is very unsharp, i suspect due to poor resulotion. My uploaded images are the worst, but the content genrated in Prezi could be sharper too. All uploaded images are jpeg’s and well above the 2000 pxl Prezi recommends.


Oversized images can also cause the issue: images should be less than 1080 pixels wide and 75-150 dpi. Anything higher could decrease your presentation’s performance. If you don’t plan on zooming into an image, please use a smaller resolution.

As for background images, we suggest a 16:9 ratio and 1800 x 1012px resolution.

It’s also useful to use the right image file: for best results, use JPGs for photos, PNGs for diagrams or transparency, and PDFs for zooming in on an element of an image.


Do you mean for the background 1800 x 1013px ? Because 1800 x 1200 isn’t a 16:9 ratio.


Thank you for the correction, @Ruben_Olislagers, I’ll edit the original post.


Just to add a view on this, I’ve got just the same problem. I upgraded to Pro and was very surprised to find the large tree diagram that works just fine in original Prezi is downsampled to the point of being unusable in Prezi Next. It’s not a show-stopper (I’ll use original) but it feels like a backward step.


Sorry to hear this, @Bernie_Smith. If the presentation is public, would you mind sharing so we can take a look? Thanks.



I’ve actually sorted this out this morning! My images are line and text based and produced in Omnigraffle. If I exported the image a JPEG or PNG it was downsampled to 1800px - making my text look very pixelated, but I have discovered vector based PDFs work beautifully.

I guess people using JPEGs may still have an issue, but I’m a happy customer now I’ve sorted my issue.

Thanks for getting back to me though.



Thank you for letting us know, @Bernie_Smith!


This reply is simply wrong, large images are the solution to unsharpness, not the problem. Prezi inflexibly downsampling images that are intentionally sized correctly for their use is the issue.

For example:

I have a raster image (.jpg) that I intend to use as the background to a zoomed animation, I want to zoom in to several areas which then have superimposed objects over image to explain the picture as I move around it.
I have chosen an image which is 7000x4265, which is the right resolution, knowing that I’m going to be zooming in.
This is a use case and a navigation metaphor that is core to Prezi. Prezi classic worked well at this and this kind of navigation is the main reason I use Prezi.

Unfortunately this is yet another area where Prezi next is unfit for purpose. When I insert the image it is downsampled, no choice like I had in classic, just downsamples it to a resolution where when I zoom it it is pixelated and horrid. In fact it is pixelated and horrid even before I zoom in as your broken forced downsampling pixelates it below screen resolution even on normal monitors and large screens.

Is there any workaround to prevent this happening to uploaded images?


We are really trying to make Next work, but every time we try something it does not work. In your tutorials, it states that PDF, JPG, and PNG files are okay to use for images. We have YET to get PDF to work. When we use JPG and PNG, the images are blurry and unprofessional. We are using Vectors for all. Please help.


@RobinsNest_Pro, I have merged your post to the relevant thread.

As @Bernie_Smith and @Vanda have mentioned above, vector PDFs of 1800x width with 75-150 dpi are the recommended format.

Prezi resizes bigger images to make sure even viewers with weaker machines are able to view the presentation.


I get this, but why is it that the PDF’s that are nice a crisp in Classic are fuzzy and terrible in Next? What did Prezi do?


Isn’t there an option in Classic along the lines of “Your file is ginormous, Downsizing this image is highly recommended if you don’t plan to zoom in on it.” and you can choose ‘Yes, downsize’ or ‘No, leave big’…

I think it’s been mentioned above, but wouldn’t something like that be helpful? Or maybe spin it around in Next and the default is the downsize, but an option could pop up that said:

“Hey you, this is a super cool background, any chance you want it to stay crisp? We can do that, but be aware if you send this out to your Aunt Ida using her Windows 95 desktop in the middle of nowhere, she miiiight have issues. Click Yes if you don’t care about poor Aunt Ida.”

(Kidding, of course you love Aunt Ida, but you get the picture… the option to override the safety net.)

I’d use that in a couple instances, so count me in as a +1 = offering some sharpness options would be of benefit. Backgrounds for sure, as well as some imported graphs/charts when I just can’t recreate in the presentation itself. Also for some customer logos- sometimes I can’t get a vector & I’m working with a tiny PNG, so any option to keep that type of file as large and fuzz-free as possible, I’m in.


This is a GREAT idea! Most of our backgrounds are PDF’s to keep the quality side PNGs and JPGs degrade so easily when zoomed in. PDFs files need to be an option for backgrounds @Lana. We have tried PNGs and JPGs and they are not very good when zooming in. . . .


@Plastic_Ingenuity, we also like this idea very much and we are relaying it to our product owners.


Thanks @Lana, I continue to be impressed by the updates we are getting; I know the list must be long but the new features are VERY appreciated! Keep them coming!