Can it cause issues if the resolution of my image is too big?


Hi Prezi team,
There is still no solution to the issue of image resolution.
This issue was raised over 1 year ago now.
Surely there has been enough time for your developers to look at this to either tell us they plan to address this issue in a coming update or they have decided it is not going to be fixed.
I’m still using Prezi Classic because of the image resolution issue.


I’m beginning to think using Prezy Next is a mistake.
-Low quality images as spoken of in this thread.
-numerous bugs that i keep contacting them about (losing all of my custom colors each time when logging out for instance)
-not being able to select an image ‘behind’ another image without moving your whole design arround.

It just keeps on going and we always get the same replies. “thanks for your feedback” and “we’re working on it”.

I’m getting tired of this. Does anyone know a good alternative?


Hi @Corrie_Mols unfortunately you are not alone. The list is very long for people who are experiencing multiple issues. For now we are switching back to Classic which is far better till today.


You are not the only ones who are doing this. We are doing the same for now. We are just sad for those who do not have access to Classic to do the things that Next will not or cannot do.