Can my embedded presentations be responsive on mobile devices?

I have placed several Prezi’s on my website which look great on a desktop. On mobile devices, especially phones, it doesn’t properly fit the screen and it doesn’t function properly. Any hints, tips on what I’m doing wrong or how to fix this?

@Byron_Easterling Are you using the mobile app or trying to access via browser? I’ve had much better success through the app in most cases- smoother & more similar transitions to what you see on the desktop.

Hi @Plastic_Ingenuity Thanks for your reply. I’m using WIX for my website. When I upload the code for the Prezi to an HTML widow on WIX it is manageable on the desktop version. I can adjust size and play the Prezi. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow me to go to full screen mode as it should and on devices such as mobile phones it doesn’t function at all. Not sure if there’s a fix in the code or if WIX simply doesn’t make adjustments for this format? I’m not assuming any one knows the answer to WIX problem only if there might be a fix on the Prezi side that I’m missing.

@Byron_Easterling. Would you be able to provide us with a link to the WIX website and the presentation? That way we could look into it.

Hi Lana. Thanks so much for your email. No problem. I decided to work with Pagecloud. It gives me more options and Prezi works great in that format.

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Great to hear you found a solution!

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

@Lana is this thread still alive? I have the same question:

Hello @Roo_Shamim, the issue is related to the embed code not working, correct? Could you please send us the title of the presentations you want to embed?

I am having the same issue on our website. @Catarina Is this an issue you can help me resolve?

We have embedded the presentation into our website and it works well on the desktop version, but not on mobile. You can not click into it at all on mobile. Any advice?

Hello @Taproot_Theatre, please note that in mobile browsers, the presentation will probably be displayed in Lite mode, which only supports movement via the navigation buttons.

I’ll forward your feedback to our product team.

I embedded the Prezi interactive presentation on my website, and everything functions when using a pc. However, when using the site on an iPhone, it is only a slide show, without zoom functionality.

Is there something to add to the site that enables the mobile usage

Hi @John_Covelli, I’ve merged your post with the relevant thread.

Please check the answer above. In order to be able to view the presentations properly on a mobile device, we recommend using the Prezi Viewer app. But this only works, when you provide others with the view link to the presentation.

I forwarded your feedback to our product team.

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