Can my Prezi content be searched on Google?

Can my Prezi Next be searched on google?

i read on quora that prezi next is not indexed in google anymore, is that correct?

Hello prezi next supportt?

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That is correct. Prezi presentations are not indexed by Google so you can’t find them in a Google search. See my article, Explore other Prezis.

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I can’t find my public presentations online. Is there a wait time before they come up on search engines, because it’s a new account and presentation?

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Is it correct, that public links (free users) are indexed by search engines while paid users get basically the same links but they are not indexed (noindex and/or robots.txt) if privacy / selected people are chosen?

The page only gets indexed after producing a link, right?

I have just found out, that paid users can also share offline (zip file), correct?
So nonindexed URL and/or zip file.

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With a paid plan you’re also able to download your presentation in EXE (Windows) or ZIP (Mac) formats and send it to whoever you wish.

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