Can not edit my prezi

I can log in and view my prezi just fine. When I click edit I get a screen with the prezi logo on a white background. I have tried two separate computers, both of which let me edit it yesterday. I have also tried creating a copy of the prezi and editing that and I am getting the same issue


Here is the URL to edit, I have tried refreshing, tried restarting the browser, and have tried two different computers (thanks for the really quick response!)…


I have the same problem. I can see my prezi but I can not edit it.
This is the message I get:
Please try again to load the page
There were some errors that prevented this Prezi to load.
If reloading the page didn’t help please visit our support page to get help.

Thanks for your help

And is it possible for you to edit my prezi? See comment above.

I just restarted IE and got the same problem, I can see it just not edit it

Problem solved! Open your prezi in Firefox!

I have the same problem. Is there a fix?

I still have the same problem. I tried to refresh the page, but it did’nt work. The browser I use is Internet Explorer 9. I really hope you guys can fix this, my final exam is tomorrow…

Same problem with IE here. All prezis appear, but when I click on edit, it goes to the white screen with the logo and load “circle” but does not load.…
However, after reading above, I am able to edit using Firefox.