Can not import since Prezi 2.5.0

There is a bug in the new 2.5.0. desktop version If I want to add a picture, the side list just turns white. (see here for a quick demonstration) - please fix as soon as possible.

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Hello @Eva_Becker, thanks for the reporting, our team is working on this issue already.

We’ll update this thread once we have any news.

Same thing has started happening to me as well right after I downloaded and installed the newest Prezi update.

Hello @Luiz_Carlos_Ramos, could you please send me a screenshot of what is happening exactly?

Could you also detail the exact steps taken before that issue happened?

when I click in “import”, the screen (superior and lateral bar) just becomes white and the system crashes.

Import still not working.

Hello @Luiz_Carlos_Ramos, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Hello everyone, a fix for this issue should be released now, could you please update your Prezi Video application and see if it works fine?