Can not zoom in more, can i make the Prezi bigger?

When you are in Prezi and you zoom in, Prezi says: you can’t zoom further.

Is there an option so i can make my Prezi bigger and zoom further into the Prezi?

When i remove the frame my content just goes back to the position it was before?

any idea how i can hold it big?

Every time when i make it big with a frame and i click on it (right click remove or left click anything, even saving) it will move back to the old (smaller) shape and position.

When i buy an account i can make bigger Prezi’s? that i can zoom in/out more?

Hello Hga Han,

We’ve made a quick tips & tricks video to tackle the zoom in issue that many people have, see video below:

Hope this helps,

Prezi Training & Design Australia


The last video shows how to make your overall prezi bigger by putting the highest frame more to the front and therefore have more zoom-in space. But prezi still automatically puts the frame more to the back later and the zoom problem just reoccurs. How can we stop prezi from automatically putting the highest frame again to the back?

Kind Regards,
Reiner Wils