Can Prezi be used to make complex diagrams user friendly?


I do presentations that sometimes require showing complex metabolic pathways. In addition to the main pathway, showing precursors and metabolites, I want to show the enzymes, gene names, co-factors, and other things that might up-regulate or down-regulate the pathway. Looking at all this on one diagram can be overwhelming, especially as most of my audience are health care providers, not biochemists. I thought Prezi might be an elegant way of showing the overall pathway (topics) and then zoom in to see detail (subtopics) such as enzymes, co-factors, etc. But I need to be able to have one topic lead to more than a single other topic, as when a precursor can go down two or more different pathways resulting in different metabolites. Also, some pathways are bi-directional, meaning that Cortisol, for example, converts to Cortisone, but Cortisone can also convert back to Cortisol. Does Prezi allow this kind of flexibility? I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do what I want to do on Prezi, and don’t want to spend a lot of time learning it if, ultimately, it will not meet my needs. Does anyone have any experience with using Prezi for this type of diagram (doesn’t have to be biochemical). If you do, can someone send me a link to an example so I can see how it worked for you? Thanks.


Hi @Pushpa_Larsen, I hope I understand the concept well and I’d recommend you to check this post about “fake topics”. By using this method you can basically create a map and connect the different objects and add lines/arrows to show connections between them. You can also add further information on the objects and reveal it by zooming on them.

I would also recommend you to search for keywords + Prezi in any search engine and there’s a good chance you will find relevant presentations!