Can Prezi integrate with Articulate or any other elearning tools?

I recetly downloaded the trial version of Prezi. I want to know that whether Preiz can be integrated with the elearning tools like Articulate,Lectora etc. If yes, can you please guide me with the process etc. I want to first go with the trial version and see how it gets integrated, and later if things work fine, will go for buying the license. I look forward to your response! Thanks!

Hello Ragini Mahara,

I am not familiar with Articulate and do not know what is available for you to use your Prezi - however having a had a quick look I think it may be possible to embed your Prezi see here.

Also, you could screencast (video grab) your Prezi and possibly use the media control triggers to control your Prezi video - you could try this first with a public license of Prezi.

Hope this helps



Don’t forget that (if you haven’t already) you can upgrade your license to
get more features (own logo, privacy and more space for your Prezis -