Can someone please help, i've tried everything


my prezi is completely butchered… the canvas is now massive and i can’t find my prezi unless i press
Ctrl-A… even then i cannot zoom out to only that part. it then zooms me out too far. i understand i might have an object/topic that is massive however i then still can’t delete the right box without making the problem worse. Prezi support is not helping even though i am a premium member paying a lot of money for this. is there a way someone can please help as i have a really important meeting to show this for.

i have the link to my prezi below but don’t know if its easier to collaborate… please let me know

thank you!


Hello @Ben_Bongiorno, I’m very sorry for the late response - could you send me a new link to your presentation as this one does not seem to work (or a title) so I can look into this if still necessary? Thank you in advance.


All sorted, thank you though

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