Can´t change email address

Hi @Ramjee_Bhandari, I’ve sent you a PM to help you with this. :slight_smile:

Hello. I want to change the email adress and I get an error message.
Please help.

Hi @Pamela_Arones, I’ve sent you a private message regarding this. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem.

I hope to hear from Prezi staff to be able change my email address.

Thank you,

Maria Jose Mora

I also have the same problem. When I change my e-mail address it says it has successfully been changed, I then receive an e-mail on the new e-mail address with a link to verify. But when I click the link I will get an error saying ‘this link has expired’.

Could you please help me with this?

Hey @Maria_Jose_Mora I’ve sent you a private message regarding the issue :slight_smile:

Hey @Kasha_van_der_Poel I’ve sent you a private message concerning the issue, check your inbox :slight_smile:

Hi, I have the exact same problem as Lauren.
Could you kindly contact me explaining what I need to do to update my prezi edu account password?
Thank you

Hello @Cristina_Agua-Mel, I’ve sent you a private message concerning the issue :slight_smile:

Mon adresse mail va prochainement changé, comment faire pour la modifier dans Prezi sans perdre les présentations?
merci de votre réponse

Bonjour @ELIANE_FLAMME, pour modifier l’adresse e-mail associée à votre compte Prezi:

Accédez aux paramètres de votre compte.
Cliquez sur l’onglet «Profil».
Vous verrez l’e-mail actuel associé à votre compte. Entrez votre nouveau courriel.
Cliquez sur Enregistrer les modifications.
Saisissez votre mot de passe et cliquez sur Confirmer pour valider la modification.

Si vous ne vous souvenez pas de votre mot de passe mais avez toujours accès à l’e-mail associé à votre compte, vous pouvez réinitialiser votre mot de passe ici.

It would seem that this problem is widespread. I too am unable to change my email, I simply get a message saying cannot change E-mail.

Would it not be better to post the solution to this thread rather than sending a private message each time?

I have not changed schools but we have changed the school name and so the email address has changed. I therefore need to change my email so that I can still access my account when the old email is finally retired. How do I do this as the support says it is easy but does not work for me. I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

Hey @R_Mattock the reason why some people cannot change their e-mail addresses is either that the one they try to change it to is already in use, or because their account has an Edu license, in which case we use a verification that only accepts .edu e-mails (which end in .edu) as new e-mails.

As such, Support has to update the e-mail manually or temporarily change the license to a non-Edu one so the e-mail can be changed, and in both cases, we need to ask or provide e-mail addresses which are sensitive information and are not to be seen on a public forum.

Hence, I’ll send a private message to you as well concerning the issue :slight_smile:

I need to switch my email account and switch to a non-edu account, please help!

Hey @Alek_Turner I’ve modified your license from Edu to non-Edu, can you try to update your e-mail address again?

Let us know if it doesn’t work :slight_smile:

That worked!! thank you so much for the help!

Alek Turner


I also have the same problem. When I change my e-mail address it says it has successfully been changed. But after refresh email go back to privios. Can you help me?

Hi - I tried to change my email address as per instructions -

But when I hit Confirm I get 'Cannot change email ’ message. I have tried more than one email address - so its not an existing email. Can you please help ! as I am going to move jobs and need to change email address which is currently my org email.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Sunaina_D, I’ll send you an email shortly so we can check on this better.