Can’t open my Prezi - Error during conversion


I tried yesterday to edit one of my prezi, and when it tries to load it shows the message : ASSET_LOAD_ERROR_DURING_PREZI_CONVERSION and so I cannot open my Prezi.
Any solution ?
I tried on Mozilla and chrome, same issue.
It works on my iPhone though.
Thanks in advance


Could you please share the link of your presentation with me so that I could have a look?


Yes :

Thank you !


@Victor_Huftier I’ve tested your presentation but it worked fine on my end. Could you perhaps try if it works on a different network? Please also check our firewall settings suggestions here:


It seems that it works at home with my Mac on Firefox, but not when I’m at work, probably the secure network blocking something…
Thanks you anyway :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome, you can also show our suggestions to your system admin at work, they might be able to whitelist some of the domains mentioned there.