Can we have grid lines in order to align objects?


Hi all,

Is there a way to view grid lines? I can’t seem to do it. I want to align objects.

Also is there a way to pick the font sizes, instead of enlarging it or making it smaller?



Currently, we don’t have grid lines in Prezi Next, I’m afraid. We have snapping though that gives you more control while editing text or placing and resizing objects.

Font sizes are also not customizable by providing their number, we collect feedback on this request in this topic, which also contains some workarounds:


@Andrea_Totaro the snapping feature is great! You can typically align to object/text box edges & centers. It’s also helpful when you resize items, you get a snap to the closest object’s edge, giving you the option to stop there to be at the same level. I could see gridlines being helpful for eyballing, though. (And I’ve already added my voice to the font discussion within the other topic, great idea!)


Below is the link to my presentation.
As you can see, there is a place about halfway in that there are paths that
need to come up one on top of the other and it’s almost impossible to align
If you had a group or an align button then it would help.
If you have a solution how I can fix it in the meantime I would love that
(I can’t really use send to back each time because the need a specific


@Nitzan_Krivine We understand that the lack of a more convenient aligning or grouping tool in case of more complex and advanced presentations is a necessity. (By the way the presentation you shared with us looks amazing!)

I will merge your forum post to the relevant thread and create a feature request concerning the alignment function, hopefully it will be implemented soon.


The Prezi Next works well for me, but I’m missing 2-3 basic drawing features.

Being able to have a dashed line is one of them. Hope it’s on the roadmap.


@kaupask I’ve merged your request to the thread discussing the same request so we can measure the volume of these inquiries.


Adding that I’m still interested in features that help align objects. A dashed line or an option to snap to other ratios would be great!