Can we safely update to Windows 10?

Is Prezi desktop compatible with Windows 10, or should we wait til there’s a specific software release for Windows 10?

Please prezi - could we have an answer? Waiting to upgrade…

We have experienced significant lag/performance issues while running Prezi desktop on Windows 10. Prezi support has told me that the problem is with my content in the presentation being too high-res, but the same presentations run just fine from older, slower Windows 7 machines. Currently on Prezi version 5.2.8. I would not recommend upgrading to Win 10 until they resolve these issues.

Thanks Vera, here is a link to the presentation:

As I mentioned, it seems to run fine from the browser, but if downloaded and run using Prezi desktop on Windows 10, the transitions and videos are extremely choppy. If downloaded and run using Prezi desktop on Windows 7, everything is great.

Thank you!

Curt Frisch

We have tried this on 5 different windows 10 laptops and it crashes on every single laptop. Totally unusable.

I have run it on a 3 year old laptop and on a newish desktop, both with Windows 10, and Prezi works fine. BUT - for the last 6 months I’ve been making most of my images no bigger than 1024px, with just one or two being larger per Prezi.

Sadly - just because a Prezi worked well on one computer doesn’t mean it will work on a newer, Windows 10 one. I find that if I strictly obey the ‘no image bigger than 1024px’ rule my 4 year old laptop, running Windows 10, is pretty smooth. However, long zooms between ‘very zoomed in’ to ‘very zoomed out’ (and vice versa) will be a little jerky.
If I’m updating an old prezi, I resize all the images in the “repo” folder. This only seems to mess up images which you have previously cropped in Prezi (the cropping has to be re-done).

Yes, you can safely update to windows 10. In case of any problem you can contact microsoft tech support for instant solution. If you don’t know how to get help in windows 10 then just follow the instruction properly at a time of update.