Can you change a template after you have started your prezi?

i don’t understand why you cannot switch to a different template after you have started your prezi. This makes no sense and I will be using something else.

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I just started using Prezi today. I’m trying to lengthen a template I’m using because I have about 45 slides of information, so I decided I’d duplicate the template 3 times (15 per template x 3 = 45 slides). I then decided that a good way to keep it fresh would be to have different colour schemes, representing different sections of the presentation, but when I copy over template B in to template A… the colour scheme of B goes away - it just takes on the theme of A. So then I tried grouping the 15 slides in B and making it a favourite. Once it was a favourite, I went back to A, my main Prezi, added a new slide, then dragged the favourite (template B) in to my main prezi. Yet again, the colour scheme disappears…

Please help me with this, the program doesn’t seem very user friendly at first use and I’m likely only getting frustrated because I didn’t leave myself enough time.


lots of folks in the community are asking for it. It’s a huge inconvenient to have to start all over just to change a temple.

prezi sucks