Can you change slide transitions?

Slide Transitions??? Can they be changed?

Anyway to modify these in a template?

Hi @Ron_Ewing, could you explain your question in more details, please?

In the template I am using on PREZI VIDEO the transition of one slide/image to the next slide/image has a vertical scroll to it.

I’m asking if the transitions can be modified or even turned off so that from one slide to another it is just an instant flip?

Hi @Ron_Ewing, this is currently not possible in this way, unfortunately.

What I could recommend you to do is to create your Video template using our Advanced Create feature, where you can build your template just like a Prezi Next presentation and then record your video using that.

This way you could use either stack or planet type topics, zoom areas and you could change the relative position of one topic to another so you have more control over the transition.

Hope this helps!

I see nods toward making every kind of a ‘template’ you can imagine - but NOT one for a Prezi Video

I created a “Prezi Next” with simple BLUE RECTANGLE covering the right 1/3 of the screen - similar to a few other Prezi Video templates.

But when “Import from Prezi” it does not come in like a Prezi Video TEMPLATE - it comes in like a “Prezi Video” file.

For example - the white background was not “transparent” it showed up as a large white block in the video…

Struggling to find an area of this help/community where anyone is talking about Prezi Video TEMPLATES?


Hey @Ron_Ewing could you give us a link to an example presentation so we can investigate directly?

With the advanced create function you would need to reuse the same “pre-made template” presentation every time as currently it’s not possible to save Prezi Video templates.

Hope to hear from you soon!

I don’t have a file that works correctly yet so nothing to share…

Why aren’t the PREZI VIDEO - “Templates” available as shared files that can be edited?

I"m looking for just a straight 'stacked - vertical" file like the templates where the background graphics can be edited and changed from those in the template

Unfortunately, the only way the default templates can be altered is to use an existing Prezi Next presentation and then reuse that as a Prezi Video “template”. I’ll forward your request to our developers though, so they can consider it as a future feature.

I’ve imported a powerpoint presentation into prezi video and the only slide transition I’m able to create has each slide “swooping” down from the top. Is there a way for the slides to just appear vs. swooping down? I don’t see any way to control this.

Hi @Mike_Goldman, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Currently, there is no Prezi Video template that is having a crossfade transition.

As a workaround, I would advise you to import your Powerpoint presentation using Prezi Present, so you can build your own transitions from one slide to another.

Once you’ve imported and created the template with Prezi Present, you can start this presentation up with Prezi Video.

For more information on importing PPT to Prezi Present, please check this article.