Can you download a prezi with a free Public account?


Vera, I agree with Paul - horrible news. You’ve now succesfully discourage many from using Prezi. I teach good presentation skills at work and part of the workshop is getting to know Prezi. I could have chosen any other presentation tool, but I chose Prezi specially because of the features it has for free. Since my audience are unemployed who wish to learn new skills, you can believe me they will rather stick to Power Point that to pay for an any upgrade.

To whom it may concern:

I just talked my boss into upgrading our PowerPoint to something more edgy to show that we are on the leading edge of our field. I choose Prezi because it was a free way to create amazing designs and applications. When my boss wanted to make our presentation private, we felt good about supporting Prezi by enrolling in their “Enjoy” package for the nominal fee, (I had to talk him into continuing to use Prezi because of their uniqueness). However, we may have to discontinue our because we are no longer able to download our presentations… Prezi, we are a small company who is interested in keeping budget as small as possible to maintain our business. We invested quite a bit into the design of our new Prezi and now it is all for nothing. We can’t afford to buy a Pro license for each of our reps. I am disappointed that I recommended you guys. Especially when you basically downgrade functionality, even as I upgraded the company subscription. If things keep going the way they are, will we have to pay per slide we use? I am very disappointed. This decision needs to be reconsidered, at the very least all paid accounts should have access to basic downloading capabilities. 

Disappointed Defender of Prezi (Former)

Hello Vera, 

My personal account still has this feature, but the new account I created and upgraded for my company does not. This means I am forced to switch between accounts and copy and delete files, etc; making my job a major hassle, when I created the business account and upgraded to avoid this very problem. Again, I am very upset that your paid accounts don’t have this basic ability. I think that Prezi should do something to address this. I understand that this is not personally your fault, however, something must be done.


I keep hearing upset clients and customers and all i see you saying is basically so what or “I understand your frustration” The downloadable pro function is also what I thought our company was buying but it turns out we must have purchased ours after the change. Not happy with this and I’m sure you understand my frustration and instead of continuing down a path that doesn’t have stability we will find another alternative for our presentations. 

Not anymore it isn’t! I was going to sign up and use the 14 day trial period and then cancel after I print out a project, but now it’s $20 and no free trial period.

I do agree with both of you and I am very disappointed today.
I just upgraded from Public account to “Enjoy” and I lost the possibility to download and present offline.
Too bad, and the people who took the decision to change this function must really be in another planet.
I was looking forward to use Prezi and recommend it to others, but I’m not going to do it before the Prezi Company changes this option, and at least everyone who has a paid account can download and present offline.

Hey guys.

I have a public free account like my girlfriend, if I want to download as PDF I need a Pro account, but she can do it for free! 


Vera1 I must commend you on handling this terrible decision by your company.

This is indeed a very poor decision as stated by many users above. Even the fact that with the free trial you can only use by inputting in your credit card info is of poor taste. At least one function could have been considered download or export as a pdf. So after you put in all that work you can use it effectively if you have no internet access. Really disappointing

The managers / owners of Prezi need to be aware that not everyone has access to internet to be able to present live especially in schools. Yes the license can be bought but not all schools see these things as priority even if we make a plead as teachers. So, please make some sort of intervention to assist persons who are not able to pay get access. I’m sure users may not mind a few ads to get downloads.

Prezi is a good tool and we won’t like to see it go to the ground because of such a poor decision. Hear the pleas of your users and make a change for the better.

Looking forward to positive changes for future users.

HI, my question is that in the new update in prezi there is no option of copy or reuse someone’s
presentation so how do you do it now