Can you give protected access to your presentation using Prezi?

Is it possible to create and sell presentation using this platform? By selling I mean giving secure access to individuals to the presentation without letting them to print or save.


Hi @Michael_Bardeh, welcome to the Next community :wave: In this case, I recommend either sharing a view link with them or adding these people as collaborators. The articles I linked will have all the information about collaborators and view links.

To sum it up:

  1. If you add someone as a collaborator, they can either present or even edit your presentation from their own accounts (not yours).

  2. If you share a link with someone, they will only able to view the presentation from this link, but won’t be able to make edits. You can also deactivate this link anytime you’d like to revoke the viewing rights.


From other posts in this forum, I learned that just by getting a share link to a Prezi presentation, the viewers cannot edit the presentation. But I would like to protect my content as well- so other than people being able to pause the presentation and take screenshots, there is no way for the viewers with the share link to copy the presentation structure, text, images, videos and links, animations, etc, correct?

Thank you for the help!

Hello @Shruti_Syal, I merged your post with the relevant thread. When you share a view link it’s not possible to directly copy any content of your presentation, but it’s currently not possible to protect it from taking screenshots :slight_smile:

Let me know if this could help!

Thanks for clearing that up!

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I wanted to add a note, not sure if this will be viewed. I put my logo on EVERYTHING I create. I also put my first initial and last name. This way if someone takes a screenshot it will be tougher to use. ANOTHER TIP: Don’t share the link unless they sign an NDA that states if they use the content they pay for your time.

One last thing: Don’t share ANYTHING. Do a presentation on Prezi and Zoom/Google Meet etc. This way they see the info but do not have access to it.

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Hello @Lydia_Graham, thanks for sharing these insightful tips with the Prezi community :raised_hands:

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One last note: and I just thought of this today. Don’t release a proposal or any work until the client signs on and makes their first payment. State as such: Any proposals will be rendered once the client has been onboarded along with a statement of work that needs to be signed. Basically make up your own rules to cover your assets because nobody else will.

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