Can you protect a frame so that only its owner can work on it while collaborating?

I’m posting this as an idea, but only because I couldn’t find it in the FAQs or previous questions.  If it’s already possible, I’d love to know! 

I’m working on a Prezi with a group of students.  In this Prezi, I put up a sample frame so that the students could see what I wanted them to do.  While they were all logged in and working, someone deleted that frame (I hope it was accidental, but can’t rule out the possibility that it was malicious), and I’m worried that it’s going to keep happening. 

My idea/request is for a way to insert a frame into such a Prezi, then have the option to “protect” it (toggle maybe?), so that it can only be edited from my account.  That way, I could have all of my students create their own frames and protect them immediately so that nobody else would be able to either edit or delete them, whether intentionally or accidentally.

I think an option to turn off the “clear all” button in the edit path view would be helpful too!  Thank you for all your help.