Can you remove autosave or create a way to turn it off?

The autosave is a pain. I understand that it is designed to keep people from losing there work and it does that very well.

It keeps people from having work to lose in the first place.

It seems like it would be very simple to add a function that would allow prezi users to disable this feature so they can get to work on their projects. I cannot move a word without Prezi deciding that it is time to auto save, and it takes a good minute to save during which I can not do anything on my computer.

I have looked around and you have told other people to use Chrome (which I do) and to close all other programs and windows. But if I close all my windows how can I look up the information that I am putting on my Prezi for school? How can I get pictures off the internet to add to my Prezi (because your picture adding system is sadly lacking, but that is a different issue)? How can I access my notes that I have typed up on a separate Word Document?

I liked Prezi for the freedom that it provided me to arrange my thoughts, the auto save feature makes this impossible and irritating. I don’t want to spend half an hour trying to arrange a slide. I want to be able to quickly move from one idem to the next without the stops that the auto save puts in place.

Very simply I would like a button that will disable autosave.


I agree, in some situation is could help me, too


Is this issue still pending? Autosave drives me crazy.

Vera, I wonder if autosave could be improved by providing the last ten or so autosaves which could be jumped back to. Just a thought. I lost a great deal of content this morning and autosave kicked in before I could force quit.

Autosave is a Pain, especially when Prezi is not capable to undo a certain action, e.g. an element was rotated by accident. You have to duplicate the Prezi after every action.

Auto save is killing my workflow,  every couple of minutes I have to stop working for about minute when Prezi freezes, I have just realised that this is caused by auto save -.- Being a professional designer I save my work regularly and don’t need this function though I understand that it is there to help people but it would be really nice if I could turn it off and just get on with building the presentation. Thanks! :wink:

more or less any program allows the user to adjust autosave procedures for the reasons discussed above. But I am not aware of any program which (like Prezi) forces the user to loose the last actively saved last version during autosave. I definitely would like to manage my versions autonomously.

Hi Vera. My issue with saving (autosaving in particular), is that Prezi gets stuck on autosave, without actually saving. I can’t refresh, because it would delete any unsaved changes. Please help.


I had the same issue today. Is there anyway to go back to my Prezi from earlier today?

Please do something to stop autosave. I almost abandoned the use of Prezi although I paid for one year. really annoying and dropping the speed and flow my work. I don’t want to recommend my colleagues to use Prezi even if presentation is unique and nicer than others.

Hi All,

Thank you very much for your feedback!

If your prezi is slower, or freezes when you is autosaving, it might be due to a troubleshooting issue.

Please make sure to adjust the proper settings for to run smoothly.

Here is an article that can help you.

Please our apologies if this is not clear in our manuals. 

We are constantly improving our tool and our knowledge base, and this is really helpful.




Your link isn’t working. Just like autosave isn’t working. For days I am so out of flow that I had to come here. That is not a good sign. And I’m not even finding a solution here… I paid 200 ridiculous dollars for one year. If you can’t offer a good product, please lower your prices.