Canceled free standard trial


Hi, I’ve decided to cancel my free trial of a standard account. I was wondering if it means my account would be downgraded to a free basis account automatically. Thanks!


Hello @Tianqi_Huang, canceling your subscription only means that your license will expire at the end of the trial period and you will not be able to edit your presentations anymore.

In order to be able to edit your presentations after this, you either need to renew your license or downgrade your license manually to a free Basic license.

Please keep in mind that in this case, your previously private presentations will become public, however, with an expired license they will still remain private.


Hello, Agnes, thanks for answering my questions.

But I was wondering how I can downgrade my license to a free Basic license. I could not find how to do so on the website but it shows I should turn to some help.


You can still use the remaining trial days and once the trial period is over, you will see the option to downgrade your license!