Cannot Access Prezi Classic


I have been away from Prezi for a few months and cannot seem to access my Prezi Classic presentations from the Prezi Next page. I was able to do this the last time I accessed the Prezi Next page (about 6 months ago), at the top left hand corner of the page but this doesn’t seem to be an option now…please help, as I have a number of Prezis that I need.

Thanks you

Hi Vanda,

Thanks for your reply. I have managed to find the Classic presentations by using my old email address. For a while, I was able to log into Prezi Classic and Next on my new email address but now this just accesses Prezi Next.

It would be helpful if I can access both accounts Classic and Next from my current email address as I am unsure how long the old email domain will be live (we have a tech management company) and I am worried that the presentations may disappear.

My Classic presentations are all private as they mostly relate to my educational work. Is there any other information I can give you?