Cannot access to one of my prezi

Please help, I was editing this one and it just act super slow, and now I cannot open it to edit… :frowning:…

Our severs currently have an outage. Our developers are working on it right now. It will be over soon. Please stay tuned!

Thank you… I need it asap. it is due… like in 2hours :frowning:

Dear Bas,

I have a presentation due tomorrow morning for an examination. Do you know how long it will be before the servers are back up. My email is My presentation is on Operation Cast Lead and I really need it asap.

Please reply urgently.


Edward Bergen

I am having trouble opening one of my prezi but not the other. I am quite nervous as this is first time using prezi and it’s due in a day and i have been working on it for weeks :frowning: