Cannot add stacks

I cannot add stacks. When I add a topic, it only adds as a planet. There is no arrow next to the “Topic” button, as shown on all the material on the website.

I contacted support and the person I talked to tried to figure it out, and basically agreed.

This makes Prezi useless!!

Does anyone else have this problem?

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Hello @Hans_Landel, to add a stack to your presentation you need to click on the topic button in the top left corner, then in the right panel you’ll be able to find the “Stack” option. Here is a screencast showing you how to do this. I hope this helps.

Thanks, Sara, but that doesn’t work. Clicking on the Topic button only adds another topic (planet) to the slide. No sidebar/panel appears on the right.

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Hello @Hans_Landel, are you using the PowerPoint to Prezi feature? In case you’re converting a PPT to Prezi the topic options are not available, however in case you’re creating a new presentation the sidebar should open up.

How do you make it into a topic “tile” where it fills the whole screen instead of just circles and if you want subtopics to just go to the next page instead of to a different circle each time.

So instead of the planets with three beside it… zoom into a center of the circle without seeing the edges then making more pages" like that after for subtopics like it used to be where… do i find that because i’m having trouble doing this now with the updates? thanks for your help:)

Hello @Paul_Davis, to add stacks to your presentation first you’ll have to open one of your topics, then click on the three dots next to the green Subtopic button. If you click on the … button you will see a sidebar on the right appear, where you can type stack in the search bar and select the option that appears just below the search bar. This will give you pages that you can add content to.

All I get now is this new updated page that doesn’t include what it use to have as you are describing… and i’m not sure if it on certain templet’s or if that is how all of prezi is not.

Hello @Paul_Davis, if you click on the three dots next to the Subtopic button (you’ll need to open one of your topics first), you’ll be able to search for Stack in the search bar - please see this screenshot.

I m a beginner in using Prezi Next, and have a problem…
After editing my subtopic i can t add new page here. In left corner its only " add subtopic"
In previous presentations this changed automatically.
Can you help me,please. What am I doing wrong??
link to my prezentation

Hello @Olga_Pavlovskaya, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check the reply above :slight_smile:

Buenas tardes;
No puedo poner paginas en mis prezis porque no me aparece el boton para añadirlas.
¿Cómo puedo solucionar este problema?
Un saludo

Hola @Maria_Perez1, he adjuntado su publicación a este tema. Por favor, vea este video sobre como añadir páginas :slight_smile:

Buenas tardes;
En uno de mis prezis pude añadir paginas de tal forma que las imagenes aparecen de manera consecutiva sin aparecer como “circulos”. Sin embargo, ahora no me da la opcion de insertar paginas en vez de temas.
Un saludo.

La opción de añadir páginas me aparecía abajo a la izquierda, en la parte inferior de mis diapositivas; sin embargo, ahora no aparece nada.

Hola @Maria_Perez1, puede visualizar el video que he enviado arriba, por favor?

Avíseme si ha podido añadir páginas :slight_smile:

Hola, si lo he podido ver pero asi sigue apareciendo como un círculo, no como una página.Captura%20de%20pantalla%20(62)
En esta imagen se puede ver que he incluido una “pagina” no un “subtema”, pero ya no me da esa opcion.

Thank you ,Catarina.But i can t add page,not stack.
There is no answer to my question here (((

Hello @Olga_Pavlovskaya, please check this video on how to add a page (Stack) :slight_smile:

Hola Catarina;
En mi prezi podía añadir subtemas o paginas; sin embargo ahora no puedo. El video que me has enviado es para añadir un subtema llamado “pagina con imagen a la derecha” pero eso no es lo que busco, sino añadir una pagina directamente como podía antes.
Un saludo

Hola @Maria_Perez1, simplemente puede seleccionar la opción + Página, consulte este ejemplo por favor :slight_smile: