Cannot Delete Highlighter

Hello, I was trying to highlight a section in an image but it was not successful. I tried clicking undo but it would delete it and now there is a random highlight in my presentation that I cannot get rid of! Can you please help! Thank you!

Any takers? I have to present in a few hours… Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello Crystal Irwin-Singh,

sorry for the late reply, obviously its too late for you now - if you still want to remove it:

  • try sending content that may be on top of the highlighter objects by right clicking and choosing send to back / front…
  • Use shift and left mouse button to draw a rectangle around the object to select it - then delete or bring to front…

If you are still having problems if you share the URL for the Prezi I can take a look for you.



just right click it and press Cut :slight_smile: always works hehe

Thanks John, worked beautifully! 

For everyone out there, STEPS:

  1. Move away objects (Drag with left mouse button)
  2. Draw a rectangle using Shift+left mouse button over highlight
  3. Right click -> delete rectangle.
  4. Bye bye highlight