Cannot delete my account

I have tried deleting my account using the feature in account setting but it keeps telling me I am entering the wrong password. How can this be because I logged in using the same exact password. Someone please help.


i just changed industry on my profile, saved, and tried deleting again, it worked.

Hey @Johny_Mirage could you try to reset your password here and then try deleting the account again?

I tried this multiple times and still cannot delete my account. FIX THIS!

Hey @nazmiye_berber I can confirm that the account under your current registration address has been deleted. Are you still experiencing issues? :slight_smile:

Hi, I can’t delete an old account. I’ve tried before but it wasn’t successful. Please help me.

Hello @Anahika_Moline1, could you please tell us what happens when you try to delete your account so we can investigate it?

Hope to hear from you soon!

I have the same problem. Prezi is telling me I am using the wrong password to delete my account allthough it is the same I signed in with. As a customer I feel screwed, so please fix this issue.

Hi @Marissa_Wennagel, your account seems to be deleted from our system.

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