Cannot drag elements in left sidebar

When I try to drag an animated element in this area on the left, they just disappear. And to make matters worse, when I try to drag the visible elements, it ends up dragging the elements above it.

This bug plagued me when I used Prezi on the site, and it resolved itself when I downloaded Prezi Next (I only subscribed to Prezi Next because of that)

But now this bug is showing up in Prezi Next as well. Does anyone know how to solve?

I am very sorry that I renewed my subscription because I was hoping this bug would resolve

Hello @Flavio_Fortunato, could you please tell us which browser are you using?

Since when did you start noticing this behaviour in the desktop application?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi, @Catarina, I’m using Chrome. But I’ve already tested it on Mozilla and Microsoft Edge and the problem remains.

This issue started to surface in the desktop version from May. From January to April, it worked without problems.

@Flavio_Fortunato thanks for the detailed explanation!

Is this happening exclusively with this presentation, or with any of them?

The issue is only happening in heavily loaded presentations, which have more than 50 elements.

Support recently informed me that this bug is in the process of being fixed, so I’ll be waiting.

In the meantime, I will continue editing the presentations, with a lot of difficulty due to the bug.

Thanks for listening.

@Flavio_Fortunato yes, unfortunately this issue is happening when there are more than 50 elements in the left sidebar.

Meanwhile, as a workaround, we can suggest re-structuring the presentation in a way that there are no more than 50 elements in the sidebar: you can turn groups of elements into topics, to avoid this bug for now :slight_smile:

As soon as we have any news regarding this issue, we’ll immediately post it here!