Cannot find Adobe Air error

My prezi has been downloaded but the Prezi.exe file will not run; the system ask an update of adobe air, I’ve done it but nothing changed: it’s requested again and again un update of the runtime. How can I do?

Hi Marco,

Sorry for any inconvenience!
Could you please check if in your prezi you have any file of image or video which is not supported by prezi?

  • Prezi currently supports  JPG,   PNG, GIF,  and **SWF formats (for images) ****and **FLV, MOV, WMV, F4V, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, 3GP (for videos)
  • The  maximum size for any image is 2880 by 2880 pixels  (unless it’s inserted as a 3D background image). You may succeed in uploading a JPG larger than this, but this will likely cause various problems while editing and presenting. These limitations are set by the Flash platform and not Prezi. If you upload a JPG larger than these specifications, prezi will prompt you to resize the image. Click ’ Resize   image’ to reduce the image to a usable size. For file formats other than JPG, you will need to use third party software to reduce the size of the image file. 
    Also note : The minimum required version of OSX for Mac users wanting to open a portable prezi is 10.6. For Windows users, the minimum requirement is Windows XP. 

Here you can find more information: (supported file types) (portable prezi)

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I have similiar problem. I have send it to a very important client and the .exe does not run and complains about adobe air.dll

Please help asap.

I’ve been having the same problems.

Hi Carolina,

Please find tips for solutions in our My portable prezi won’t play FAQ.

Hope that helps.


None of this addresses the “Adobe Air” issue. Has this problem been resolved by anyone?

I was getting the “cannot find adobe air” error too.  I finally figured out my problem, maybe it will help you too.  I was not using the “Use Folder Names” option in my unzipper.  Without that option everything goes into one folder and important things are overwritten because they have the same name and there are no subdirectories.  Check your unzipped folder location to make sure you have the subdirectories (e.g. ‘content’,, etc.).  When all the zipped files go into the correct subdirectories, things worked find for me.  So be sure to set your Use Folder Names option.

I have the same problem, but I can’t fix it. I don’t really understand your solution. Could tell me where or when I must change this option ?
Thank you in advance

Vera, I’ve gotten a file sent to me by a client who uses Prezi. The file compressed is 95MB but uncompressed it is 207MB. What am I to use to view the presentation? When unzipped, the parent folder is ‘Contents’ and subfolders are “_CodeSignature”, “framworks”, “MacOS”, “resources”, “info.plist” and “PkgInfo” I have no luck in viewing this. Am I supposed to purchase a Pro license just to view??? Please advise and thanks.