Cannot find the autoplay feature in my portable prezi

I am unable to find the autoplay option within Prezi. I have looked under settings, however my only option there is adjusting screen ratio. I have also entered into Present mode but there is no cogwheel in the bottom right hand corner to click on. Why am I unable to find this feature?

Hi Vanda,

I use both the online editor as well as the portable prezi.  Neither version gives me the option to use autoplay.  The only icon I have on the bottom right hand corner of my prezi is the segmented box that allows me to make my prezi full screen.  There is no arrow with a clock (like you  have pictured above, no cogwheel and no clock icon).  Not sure where else to look.  

Here is my only option under “Settings” when I am in edit mode.

Thanks Vanda, I’m embarrassed to say that I was so focused on the right hand corner, I completely missed the play button in the left hand corner.  

If I could ask one more question.  How do I change the duration of time between each path point?  When I click on the play button, it does not give me the option to change the duration.   

I am also missing the autoplay button. It doesn’t move to the next slide unless you manually tell it to.  Is this only a paid for feature?