Cannot hide subtopic

I’ve already read a couple of posts related to this issue but cannot find a solution that works for me. I am using an existing template from Prezi/community and have removed all content from a third-tier subtopic, but I cannot find a way to delete the subtopic entirely or at least remove the zoom-to area. I have tried selecting the subtopic from the left pane to delete it, but it will not select. Only the topics/subtopics on levels higher up can be selected. I have also explored advanced topic editing but cannot remove anything. I’ve tried in both Chrome and Firefox, but I cannot seem to find a way to remove this unnecessary level.

Hello @Ronald_Smith, could you please send us the title of the presentation and the title of the subtopic, so we can look into this?

Title: Parts Transfer Project
Subtopic: Define Scope / Identify Optimal Geographic Location / blank subtopic below this level

Please note that I need to understand HOW to delete it. I don’t just need someone to delete it for me. I have many others that I will be modifying along the way.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks @Ronald_Smith, I think you’re able to take two directions:

  • You can set your topic to only be visible outside, as shown in this example. But please note, that as you have inserted a subtopic it will still zoom inside it, as this is the path behaviour for any subtopic;

  • If you simply want the “Identify Optimal Geographic Location” to be displayed without zooming further into the subtopic, I’d recommend you to replace it for a shape then, as explained in this Tips & Tricks post.

Hope this could help :slight_smile:

OK. Thank you, Catarina.