Cannot insert videos in presentation

Hi. I’m having some difficulty adding videos in my Prezi next presentation. It seems to be greyed out. I’m using Google Chrome for my browser. Can you please help?

@sparkkle3000 Could you send us the link of the presentation so we can take a look?

Also, please make sure there are no firewall and adblock settings that could be blocking the inserted videos.

Hi @Agnes,

This actually helped. I had to close down the adblocker on that site. Thank you so much for your help!


I’m trying to insert a MP4 video as I’ve done many times. This time, however, I can see where the video will be placed but it just hangs (i.e. the turning doughnut that never ends). The video just doesn’t load.
Any ideas?

Hello @Gabriel_Guzman, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Could you please check the reply above?

Let us now if it could help!

Thank you! I saw the replied above. I think the problem was more related to loading time than anything intrinsically wrong with Prezi. It took a while but it did load the videos. One of the videos was 40 MB, the others were ~3 MB and ~9 MB. I don’t know if there is some type of guideline as to the size of videos but apparently, the problem might have been more related to that than anything else.

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Hello @Gabriel_Guzman, we usually recommend not to insert videos with more than 50 MB, so you should be able to insert your videos without any issues.

If this problem appears again, please, reach out to us! :slight_smile:

Bonjour, j’ai beau diminuer le format de ma vidéo pour l’insérer dans ma présentation ça ne fonctionne pas. Format de la vidéo : résolution 720p / qualité 5,024Mbit/s=>32,5Mo
Please help.

Bonjour @HINAU_ITCHNER, Pourriez-vous me dire si vous utilisez Prezi Video ou Prezi Present ? Que se passe-t-il exactement lorsque vous insérez une vidéo ?

Je suis sur prezi Present.
En fait ça affiche impossible d’insérer votre vidéo.
Mais là je viens de refaire et c’est passé en 2 secondes alors que ça fait X tentatives.
A ne rien comprendre.
Merci quand même.


Hi, I’ve got prezi plus and I want to upload a video that a colleague created on her phone. It is in MP4 format and about 30MB but I just get an error message when I try to add it to a presentation. It says it is an unsupported format. Can anyone help me???

Hello @Gisela_Purcell, I’d recommend you to use this free online tool to convert your video, please choose to convert to the MP4 option and retry to insert it in your presentation.

Let us know if this could help!