Cannot paste Word Text?


I can’t copy/paste text from Word document to on-line Prezi. I downloaded Abode Flash and Firewall is off on Safari. I’m on a Mac 10.7.5. Thanx.

I am having the same problem.  I also have 10.7.5 and am unable to copy/paste into Prezi.  

There are no error messages and I can copy and paste with other programs, just not into Prezi.  I can also copy FROM Prezi, but NOT TO it.  It is very frustrating.   Yes, I have tried keyboard short cuts, mouse, etc.  Nothing works.  Help!!! 

Thanks Vera, you helped me as well! 

But you guys should still look into whats the problem with copy pasting in Safari! 

I have Safari and have this problem!!! It is very uncomfortable because it’s my only browser. Are you guys looking for solve it? 
I am trying to copy from Word to Safari, it’s just text.



I have tried safari and chrome on my Mac but I still cannot paste text from Word into the prezi I am creating. How can I do this? different browsers make no difference. I right click in the prezi but nothing happens when i ‘paste’ - and it works in other apps. 

Hi Vera

I just tried to copy and paste into another empty prezi as you suggested, and the text still will not paste. 

And this issues happens with all Word documents - and now it seems with any Prezi file. 

What do you suggest?


I noticed that in the boxes where there is a preset item “ADD TEXT to” the test is copied while clicking anywhere on the prezi and wanting to copy the same text is not copied.

in every theme I have this problem. I have another problem when loading videos in flv or mp4 format from my computer. The video seems to load but then I get an error:

“Technical details:
id: 2562 the reason is: Exception in callback”
The files are smaller than 20 megabytes each.

for the error:

“Technical details:
id: 2562 the reason is: Exception in callback”

 I may have solved by disabling the plugin for Chorme, Adblock Plus.

i found a way that works on macs, copy and paste your text into notes (every mac should have some version), then copy and paste it into prezi 

Thank you Taylor. That seems to work! I found these posts from four months ago and the problem is still there. Thanks to Taylor I will be able to finish my work in some way but it’s absurd you can’t paste directly on prezi. I think you really need to work on that.

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Works perfectly for me. Thanks Taylor for this priceless tip. I could finish my work on time. Cheers

Thank you very much for this tip!

Im trying to paste an exel graph onto prezi from a pc and simply nothing happens

omg thank u so much taylor this really works  ****  ****

I’m going to lie but doing that doesn’t help at all. Is the problem the internal programming of Prezi because that’s what it seems like to me.

Hi, I found another solution similar to Taylor’s: email yourself the text. copy paste it from the email not word :))) It works!

You’re my college hero!!

I was just having trouble copying and pasting from a word document on a Mac. The CTRL/CMD + C didn’t work either. But I did try pasting it into an email first THEN copying it again and pasting it into Prezi and it WORKED! 

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