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I logged on to my prezi today and the overview of the presentation was extremely shrunken to the top corner of the screen and I cannot figure out how to enlarge it back into the center of the page as it originally was. Content has also disappeared from the bubbles and the bubbles all flicker. Please help me fix this as my project is due on Tuesday.


You’ve got something located far away from the rest of your content that is causing the zoom area to enlarge to grow big enough to accommodate it.

Go to the overview in the Editor and Select All. This will select everything including the thing causing the problem. Click in the lower left corner to select it. It might be too tiny for you to see so just click in the corner until the blue outline appears. Drag the pesky little thing back up where it belongs and the size of your over view will shrink back to where it should be.

Robin, Independent Prezi Consultant at


@Robin_Pierman, thank you for the information!

@Chelsea_Poulos, I have created a Support Copy and fixed the presentation for you.

Please follow @Robin_Pierman’s advice or see this post should this happen in the future.