Cannot see right-click, pop-out window selections when screen sharing

When screen sharing in a video call or recording video, right-click, pop-out windows or button dropdown options windows are invisible to the audience/recording. Only the cursor floating over the main window is visible.

Hi @Robbie_Gregory, could you please let me know if you are sharing the whole desktop or the specific app window only?

Do you have a screenshot or screen recording to share so we can better see the issue?

Hi Bart.

I am sharing a specific app window—specifically, MS Powerpoint.


Here’s a small recording.


(Attachment Extract-Organisation_Sections.mp4 is missing)

Hi @Robbie_Gregory, Currently only your signature image is uploaded to our forums, could you please make sure you send me the recording properly? You might be able to upload it to Google Drive or something similar and paste a link here.