Cannot use remote pointer (Logitech) anymore in Prezi 1.0.1 for mac

Hi! I just realized that Prezi got a new version 1.0.1 for working in a mac. As usual, I download my prezi as a zip file and unzip it and present offline. But compared to the previous version 1.0.0 there was a “full screen” button at right corner, now it loses in the 1.0.1 version. Also I could use a remote pointer in previous when I gave a talk, but now the remote controlling functions no more. However, the remote controlling can still work if I present online. Will this be improved and I can have a nice talk again when offline? Thank you!

Will the full screen button be back as well?

(mac using Sierra) first of all, why is prezi in a zip folder? before, in the download, there was a prezi icon that you could click on and it would pop right up, now when i unzip and find the icon it says “cannot locate prezi contents, please specify path to prezi bundle” so i just close and then click on contents.portable and it opens but the quality is WAY worse. like the words are all grainy. its pretty bad. did i do something wrong? iv re-downloaded like 3 times

hope you can see from these pics what I’m talking about. the old prezi was way way more sharp but it seems like the larger the txt, the grainier it is. 

I found how to lactate the contents but that still doesn’t explain why the quality has gon way down

Same here. The problem seems to be the following. Presenters (e.g. Logitech R400) are connected to the Mac as USB Keyboard. In programs like Powerpoint UP/DOWN keys are used to go forward and back. Same for the old version of Prezi. In the new version LEFT/RIGHT arrows are used. It would be good if the problem could be resolved fast - Prezi does not work without presenter.

I have - again - downloaded the presentation as explained here (Playing portable prezis on Mac OS Sierra) on MacOS Sierra. The problem with the presenter has been resolved for me!

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Has there been any resolution to the quality issues for downloaded prezis?