Cannot use the template


Please help me. I have a Basic account. When I want to create a new presentation, after click “use the template”, I have to type the presentation title and select ‘Who can see this presentation’. If I select ‘People I share it with’, it then goes to the payment page. If I select ‘Anyone on the web’, it then sticks there.


@Minqian_Liu, we have tested your account and everything appears to work fine. As you are a Basic user, you can only make presentations that are public. Could you please try logging out and logging in again and then trying to create a public presentation once again?

Also, please know that for the best performance we suggest using the latest version of Google Chrome and an environment without any potentially firewall blockers.


HI, Lana

Thank you for replying me. I have tried logging out and loggin in again, but it does not work.

After press ‘use this template’ buttom, this page comes.

And when I enter the title and choose ‘Anyone on the web’, it sticks here and never moves

I saw the support test copy, but when I click it, it always shows loading.

I also tried to use another browser, but it doesn’t help.

Those are the problem I am facing. Could you see if there is any solution.Thank you for paying attention.

Kind regards

Minqian Liu

Lana 于2018年12月10日周一 下午11:02写道:


Thank you for the information. Could you please make sure your machine fits the
system requirements ?