Cannot view any Prezis including my own; "appError" message appears instead.

I am new to Prezi and every time I try to view a prezi I get the message “appError”. This includes my own so I cannot complete my presentation. I have tried updating my Flash Player and restarting my computer as well as OKing Prezi in my cookies. What can I do? I love this service and want to complete my work!

I’m getting an APP_ERROR on my embedded prezi. On the prezi website, it loads and views OK, but not on the embedded site. Prezi stops loading at about 75% with a note that says: “APP_ERROR”?? Please help.

FYI, prezi address is:…



I can’t make a new prezi. It gives me the sign appError, what does this mean?


What do u do if you try to edit your prezi and it keeps on saying, “App Error” or, “You need to check your internet connection”? When it said the thing about my internet, my internet was fine because I was on other websites too.

Cant Edit My Prezi!._

It has been a few weeks since I worked on my Prezi and now that I am trying to work on it, when I login and select the prezi, it says appError. I am not sure how to fix this and need to finish my prezi for school by Friday…help!!

Prezi appError message._

Hi everybody!! I’ve a only question, in a last few moments the Prezy module to create and editing function no are available, that is correct?. I already use free version. Thanys for your comments. Best regards!!

Prezy editing on web based no available._

I was accessing my prezi fine and now i keep getting an app error - i dont know what to do

This App Error is keeping me away from graduating - Help._

App error when opening my prezi. I cannot get anywhere to open the prezi or even try the suggestions. Here is the link to my prezi can you take a look…

The prezi was working and the only thing I added was a new you tube video to one of the bubbles and now it is not working. When I added the video that prezi was available and hours later it is not working. What is the story

Can’ open my Prezi was working fine and then App error._

Is there a fix when an “app error” message appears on a presentation that was previously working fine?

APP Error._

Prezi won’t display. Call out box says “app error” and then when I try to edit says “oops, check internet connection and if that doesn’t work go to help” but can’t find anything. What is the problem? This is the online editor with Mac OS.

app error?!._

I can’t view or edit my prezi from any computers!! It says "appError’’ in a Bubble, and that’s all. Help please?!


When I try to edit my Prezi it keeps coming up with AppError and I cannot login. Please help??

App Error on my prezi when i try to edit._

I receive App Error when trying to play any prezi. I have updated to latest version of Flash. I also tried loading in three browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) all with the same error. My box is trying to view prezi’s on his mac which this morning played all prezi’s just fine. Any help would be appreciated.

App Error._

Whenever i go to my prezi and open it. it comes up and says app error in a grey box is there any way this problem can be fixed ??

Prezi App error._

I keep getting an “app error” when I try to reopen my Prezi to finish.…

App Error._

What is the issue when I receive and “App Error” when I try to load any of my Prezis?

“App Error”](/prezi/topics/app_error/changes).

‘app error’ happened but it’s not network problem
I can’t see any prezi page.
What can I do??

‘app error’](/prezi/topics/app_error-btg73/changes)._

Help please

app error how can i fix it?._

Just signed up for a paid account and Prezi isn’t working–app error on all Prezi’s. What the hell?

APP Error’s amuck!._

I try to get into my prezi and it says appError. I was editing it earlier today and it worked fine. My internet connection is fine and I have tried opening it on Safari, Firefox and Chrome. My presentation is due Thursday! Any suggestions?

“appError” when I try to access my Prezi](/prezi/topics/apperror_when_i_try_to_access_my_prezi).