Can't add new topics unless at the end of the sequence?


So I’m pretty new to Prezi, and tried to jump right in to Prezi Next.

I’ve spent hours putting in the basics of a presentation and starting to tweak things that I would imagine will, as usual, be an iterative process. From what I can tell, if you want to add a new topic, it can only be added to the end of the current sequence of topics, and one is UNABLE to change the order position without changing the visual layout of the presentation as well. I’ve been assuming that I must just not know how to do it, as this inability couldn’t possibly have been allowed to exist…could it?


@Jonathan_Thomas When you add a new topic/subtopic, it is automatically placed at the end of the sequence.

In the left sidebar, you can switch up the order of topics which will change their position too, however, you are also able to change the topics’ location without changing the presentation order the following way. I hope this helps!