Can't change privacy setting from Discoverable to Private



I’ve recently upgraded to Plus but I am unable to change my privacy settings from Discoverable to Private.

this is the case for some presentations that I created in the trial mode and for presentations that I created after the upgrade. Presentations created as private and then switched to discoverable
also exhibit this issue.



@Gareth_Vaughan Sorry for the inconvenience, sometimes it takes a little while for the system to update the features.

I tested your account and was able to modify privacy settings so everything should be up and running now!


I am having the same issue. please could you privatise my document?


@Ben_Porter I checked your account and the feature seemed to be working, could you check it again please?


Dear Prezi team,

I have the same problem. I just upgraded my account but I am unable to change from public to private.

Could you please help me?

Thank you,



Hi @AIRBUS_PESC_Prezi, could you log out and log back in and try using the feature then? Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the license to be updated but according to our system, you now have a Standard license so you should be able to set your presentations private.