Can't click anymore on a shape I made

Hi all, I made two little squares that I slid around to adjust the margins of my background and get it just right. Well, I went back and suddenly can’t click on one of the squares anymore-- I can’t even hover over it. And it’s not in my path either… But I can click on the other one!

I tried clicking it from another browser, holding shift… but those options don’t work. Could someone please help me? I really just want to make it more transparent.

Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 9.26.04 PM

Hello @S_K1, if you are holding down CMD on a Mac, or CTRL on Windows, and then scroll you should be able to zoom in on the canvas making it easier to select smaller objects.

In order to help you better, could you please share the link to the presentation?

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Hi Bart, thank you so much!! That worked like a charm.
I think that’s all the help I needed for now, but I will let you all know if any other issues come up. Have a great day!