Can't convert basic account to EDU


Hi there,

I have a basic account that I created with gmail, just so I could check Prezi out.

Now I want to purchase EDU Plus so I need to change to my .edu email address.

I went through the process of having an email sent to my .edu addres with link to verify. But the link just sent me to the Prezi home page!

I can share the link here if that’s helpful. Or maybe someone can just help me convert my account to an educational account?



Hi @Cameron_Page, could you provide us with your .edu email address so we can upgrade your license manually? Thanks in advance.


hi! thanks for your help. my edu email address is

website for the medical school i work at is


Thanks for the info, I changed your account email address to and switched your license type to Edu Standard, you should be able to upgrade to Edu Plus whenever you wish.


Hi Agnes I am having the same problem it seems that it is persisting. is the email address if you could convert it I’d love to upgrade!