Can't convert basic account to EDU

Hi there,

I have a basic account that I created with gmail, just so I could check Prezi out.

Now I want to purchase EDU Plus so I need to change to my .edu email address.

I went through the process of having an email sent to my .edu addres with link to verify. But the link just sent me to the Prezi home page!

I can share the link here if that’s helpful. Or maybe someone can just help me convert my account to an educational account?


Hi @Cameron_Page, could you provide us with your .edu email address so we can upgrade your license manually? Thanks in advance.

hi! thanks for your help. my edu email address is

website for the medical school i work at is

Thanks for the info, I changed your account email address to and switched your license type to Edu Standard, you should be able to upgrade to Edu Plus whenever you wish.

Hi Agnes I am having the same problem it seems that it is persisting. is the email address if you could convert it I’d love to upgrade!

Hi! I have the same problem. My mail is Could you help me please?

@Ana_Maria_Gutierrez Hi, would you like to have the free Edu Standard license or the Edu Plus subscription?

Hi Agnes,
Can you tell me please the difference between Plus suscription and Edu Plus and their costs?

Also I would like to know the difference between free Edu Standard and Edu Plus.

Thank you,

Hi @Ana_Maria_Gutierrez, as for the functionalities, there is no difference between the Plus and the Edu Plus licenses, the only difference is that with the necessary verification, you can purchase the Edu Plus for the price of the Standard license.

As a student or educator, you can get the Edu Standard license free of charge, however, this license type does not include most of the functionalities of a Plus/du Plus subscription but it enables you to create private presentations.


I also have a basic account that I created with gmail.

Now I want to change it to EDU account.

I also went through the process of having an email sent to my .edu address. But the link just sent me to the Prezi home page.


Hello @Antto_Wirman, I have changed your license to EDU Standard. I hope this helps.

Awesome, thanks!

Can a Prezi employee please check if my account is edu? Email:

@Theo_Godfrey You currently have a Basic license under this email address, would you like us to switch it to Edu Standard?

Yes please… thanks a lot

Sure, I changed your license to Edu Standard, happy presenting! :slight_smile:

Hi Agnes, is my college e-mail address.

I have the same issue as I’m unable to upgrade to the free EDU standard account. Please help. Thanks.

Hi @Brian_Mark, we no longer offer Prezi Edu Standard plan. If you would like a free version of Prezi, you can opt for the Prezi Basic package.

You can also purchase Prezi Edu Plus, which offers private Prezis, plus all the functionality of our regular Prezi Plus product at a significantly reduced price for students and teachers. With Prezi Edu Plus, you can create beautiful presentations and control who sees them. You can work offline with our Desktop App and create portable presentations that make you completely independent from spotty internet connections. You can also enjoy advanced presenter features like the presenter view (including presenter notes) or export your presentation to a PDF file and create a handout for your audience in no time.