Can't copy content inside a presentation

Hi Catarina, hello everybody!

I have an important presentation this morning I can’t copy frames/single slides to other topics/blocks!

It used to work windows shortcut Ctrl+C to Ctrl + V now it doesn’t work anymore! This is crazy because it is normal I want to move come content! I was awake until 4 am Italian time to try this!
I tried with different browsers and different devices!
How can i do?

Ho una presentazione importante stamattina non riesco a copiare frame/singole slide in altri topic/blocchi! Una volta funzionava windows shortcut Ctrl+C a Ctrl + V ora non funziona più! E’ assurdo perché è normale voler spostare qualcosa! Ho provato con differenti browsers e pc
Sono stato sveglio fino alle 4 del mattino in italia per provarci!
Come posso fare?

Hello @Mauro_Facondo, could you please send us the title of the presentation you’re working on so we can assist you?

Hope to hear from you soon!

I can also generally never copy any type of element from one slide to another.
I don’t see that it is a problem of one single person, but prezi plain simple does not have that feature at all.

Have also spent several hours and ALL of the ways indicated above. Even adding contents to the library does not really work. The only thing that does work, is copying an entire presentation and then editing that one.

Lack of this feature is extremely hurtful and causes many days of re-creating work I had already previously created elsewhere.

Tried all browsers, different computers, spent something like 20 hours on this. This feature plainly doesn’t exist

Hello @Ele_Wall, I’ll send some tutorial videos that I think might help out with that.

To copy topics/subtopics, you can click on the right side of your mouse, select copy, and paste them in the desired location, as shown in this example.

For zoom areas, I’d recommend you to select the content by pressing the SHIFT key and dragging your mouse around it. Then, just press CTRL/CMD + C to copy it, and CTRL/CMD + V to paste it where you want. You can check this video on how to do it.

I hope this could help, and please, let us know if you have further questions!

a) I often need to change the level at which the slide is at from 3rd level in-depth to second. I only can entirely re-create the slide.
b) as shown in video 2: copy grouped items: does not work at my end: it always SHIFTS the entire screen when I try that.
c) copying an entire chapter is in fact easy, you can also duplicate the chapter. But you can not move 1 slide from 1 chapter into another. you can not move a slide 1 level up or down.

Hello @Ele_Wall, I’ll address your questions in 3 parts:

  1. You’re able to copy topics/zoom areas and insert them in the previous level, as you can see here;

  2. For zoom areas you can also group them to start with, and then click on the right side of your mouse to copy and paste them in the desired location. Check this example;

  3. The copy feature is not available for pages, and a request has been opened with our developers, however, I cannot give you an estimated time when this feature will be reimplemented since it depends on our Engineering and Product teams.
    Meanwhile, as a workaround I’d recommend adding the content of that page to your Library. This way you can insert it to another presentation or level. Please check this tutorial to know how to do so :slight_smile:

I hope this could help, and let us know if you have further questions!

Catarina, the feature to copy pages and insert them somewhere else existed until Jan 2021. Why in the world would any developer delete a basic function like copy and paste and not get over himself to fix the mess asap? This is not a luxury request that some people fancy. We are talking about copy/paste. Prezi has and is still costing people HOURS of their lifetime. Needless to say, that I will not use Prezi in the future anymore. But for now, I will lose a presentation that I have been working on for weeks if I just switch over to a better competitor. Is that really how you want to treat paying customers? I am aware that the support does not develop the product, but how can the support not talk to the management about this to actually get this issue resolved? Katia

I am trying to add new pages into an already finished Prezi that I did not create. I have watched videos and the support page, but I am not able to change the path settings or find the page, instead all it shows me is “zoom.” I can’t copy and paste or duplicate a a current slide.

Hello @Tracy_Bradford, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

As this was a Classic presentation that was now converted, the “pages” were replaced by zoom areas, that are automatically added to your path. The content visible on the left side bar represents your current path steps.

If you want to add more content, you can simply insert what you wish (image, text, icon, etc.), click on the zoom area button and place it on top of the corresponding content - as mentioned previously, this will be automatically added to the path.

To copy any of your existing content, you can select it by pressing the SHIFT key and dragging your mouse around it. Then, press CTRL/CMD + C to copy it, and CTRL/CMD + V to paste it where you want. You can check this video on how to do so.

I hope this could help, and please, let me know if you have any other questions!