Can't create new presentation in Prezi Classic


Hi! I can’t create a new presentation in Prezi Classic. Too many features are missing in Prezi Next, and the full screen display is actually not full screen of content when used on my campus, so Next doesn’t work for me. Is this a glitch? I created two new presentations yesterday, and now I can’t create any more. Please help!

Can't create new presentation or edit old

I cannot create a new presentation in Prezi Classic today either. And if I try to edit an old one from the main menu, I cannot do so. I solved the latter problem by clicking the button to play the already existing prezi and then when it comes up I hit the edit button there. That will allow me to edit. But I still cannot do so from the main menu nor can I create a new prezi classic.


I’ve been working on a series of presentations for several days in Prezi Classic. A couple of hours ago all of my edit buttons & the create new presentation button all quit working. I can present, but I can’t edit anything. When I right-click on the edit button, Chrome doesn’t even act like it’s a link. There’s no options for opening it in another tab or window. It just does nothing.


Hello everyone, we merged all the posts with the relevant thread. The issue seems to be resolved now and we apologize for the inconvenience.


I was able to create a new one just now. Thanks for your work on it!


Hello @Marvin_Bryant, I am glad everything is working correctly now!