Can't delete my Prezi

I cannot delete a my Prezi in the desktop app. Delete is greyed out. It comes up as created by me. It says it needs to sync, but can’t. I think it is a sync issue in that I think it may have been open when I was working on another computer and then saved it with a different name, then deleted the old file. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Prezi, but it is still there. Where do I need to go to delete it?
Thank you

Hello @Barbara_Hopkins, I would suggest logging into your account in your browser online and trying to delete the presentation there. In case case the problem persists please let me know what the title of this presentation is and I’ll help you delete it.

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Thanks. I cannot. It does not exist when I use the browser online.

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Hello @Barbara_Hopkins, are you able to edit this presentation? Can you please also send me a screenshot of what happens when you try to delete it?

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No, I cannot. Delete is greyed out, so I cannot try to delete it. When I try to edit it I get “syncing” and a moving circle then “Unable to Sync This presentation could not be synced. Please make sure you’re connected to the internet and try again.” I am connected to the internet, but, of course, this file does not exist in my online account. As I said it is a sync error. I just need to figure out where these files are stored on my computer so that I can delete it. I see no mechanism for including a screenshot.

Hello @Barbara_Hopkins, this error message indicates that a firewall or another security software running on your computer is preventing you from accessing the presentation. Are you using Prezi in a school/work environment?

I don’t believe that your assessment is correct. Let’s review: A) I cannot sync my file with the cloud and B) the cloud does not have the file. I think this is the problem. This does not have anything to do with a firewall. A firewall problem would affect ALL my files, but only this file has a problem.

Hello @Barbara_Hopkins, this error message usually indicates that a security software is preventing the file from syncing with the online account. I would suggest making sure all security softwares running on your computer as well as reinstalling the latest version of the app again, using this link. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us.

Again, this does not explain why one file won’t sync, but others do. It does not explain why I cannot open the file but it is not located in any of the other locations. Also, as I pointed out in the original message, I uninstalled prezi and then reinstalled it on the computer that is not allowing me to delete this. I think I need help from someone who understands the software better.

Hello @Barbara_Hopkins, can you please confirm the title of this presentation and send a screenshot of what you see when you try to open/delete it in the app? You can upload the image into your message.

“You can upload the image into your message.”

The title is “Untitled presentation” It is only a template for a new presentation with the title Insurance Sales Pitch. On a different computer I saved it as something else, which is why I want to delete it and am getting really frustrated.

Hello @Barbara_Hopkins, Looks like the presentation has been successfully deleted. I would suggest making sure you have stable Internet connection as well as connecting to a different network in case you encounter this problem again. If you have any other questions or need further assistance feel free to reach out to us.

“looks like its been deleted” How would you know? You continue to ignore what I have actually said about what the problem is. The problem is that a file shows up on my computer in the app and I cannot delete it. It is most definitely still there and it will not delete itself. All the other files on my computer sync just fine so your suggestions are inappropriate given the actual problem. AGAIN Can I get support from someone who actually knows enough about how the software works to address this problem? THIS IS A BUG in your software.

Hello @Barbara_Hopkins, I can see in your account history that an untitled presentation was successfully deleted from your account last week. Can you please upload a screenshot of your dashboard where you still see this presentation? You can use the upload image tab in the toolbar to attach the image to your message or just drag and drop it.

Hello @Barbara_Hopkins, this presentation was successfully deleted on September 19. I have now recovered it and you should be able to see it in your online account. Please try to delete it again, log out and back into your account, and see if it is syncing with the desktop now.

Hi , i want to delete my presentations but I don’t remember anymore my email and password .
Please help me

Hello @Nina, can you please send me the URL of a presentation created in this account? I can help you locate it.

Hello ,
Thank you for responding , this is the Url of one of my presentations :