Can't delete topic page


When in the edit mode of my presentation in Prezi Next, I can’t click on a topic page on the left side in order to delete it. When I click on it, it zooms to the page. I want it out of the presentation, but I can’t seem to “catch” it to delete it. Suggestions, please. Thanks.


Hi @Mary_VanHaute, could you send us the link of the presentation in question please?

Have you tried the steps suggested in this article?


Yes, Agnes, I did read the article and researched extensively before posting the question. I watched a few YouTube videos, etc., but nothing that was suggested solved the problem. My guess is because I’m working with a template. Yet, I’ve never had that problem before. I have always been able to delete a topic by clicking on the topic in the left side bar and simply deleting it. This time, when I click on the topic, it immediately opens up.

I am trying to delete topics 6 and 7. Any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Mary VanHaute


Thanks, please check the Support copy I created for you on your dashboard. I was able to delete the topics from the sidebar with a right-click without any issues so the problem on your end is most probably caused by certain firewall settings, please make sure there are no settings that could be blocking the editor. I really hope this will resolve the issue!