Can't download Prezi Classic presentations online

Help! I can’t download my prezi classic files anymore. When I click ‘Present’. It takes me to a page that has a video play button. It looks different from what is used to.

The same problem. Last weekend all works.

Hello @Kathy_Brockway and @Dmitry_Epstein, we are performing some changes in our Classic view pages, and the download button is no longer available there, but if you open the presentation through the editor, you will still be able to download by clicking on the menu on the top right corner :slight_smile:

We also recommend you to use the desktop application to download your presentations.

@Catarina Thanks, i haven’'t seen this point in menu.
Unfortunately, Free Edu licence don’t allow use desktop application. Or you fix this point in Edu accounts?
Can you fix the bug with the “Exit” button from editor mode? It return to the editor mode, and looks like wallking round.

@Catarina Thank you so much! I am able to download the file now.
Like @Dmitry_Epstein, though, when I click ‘Exit’ it ‘churns’ and opens the file again.

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Hello @Dmitry_Epstein, it’s only possible to download Classic presentations through the application with a Prezi Classic Pro or higher license currently.

Thanks for reporting the bug, we have sent it to our development team!

Hello @Kathy_Brockway, thanks a lot, we have reported the bug and we’ll let you know when it’s fixed :slight_smile:

@Catarina thx, will follow this thread.

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Hi there,

Myself and several colleagues are all having issues downloading portable prezis. They are all prezi classic presentations, and we are using Google Chrome. The following error message is appearing:

Any suggestions?

Hello @Amy_Lockwood, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Could you please try to download your presentations through the desktop application?

Let me know if you encountered any issues!

Tengo el mismo problema desde hace varios días. Es algún BUG ? lo están arreglando ?

Hola @Valentin_Remedi, para poder bajar sus presentaciones debe utilizar la aplicación de escritorio, y para ello necesita un plan EDU Pro o superior :slight_smile:

I have been trying to download the following presentation to edit and use in a course I am teaching:

Although it has been published with a reusable license, there is no option for downloading it. Can you please help?

Many thanks.

Hello @Anton_Vorster, you’ll not be able to download this presentation, this is an old Prezi Classic, you possess a Prezi Next license, we do not offer Prezi Classic licenses anymore. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

I wish you a lovely weekend.