Can't duplicate my presentations in Prezi Classic with my Pro Minus license

Hi there, I’m trying to duplicate my prezi as want to adapt it to a new audience. but the ‘save a copy’ or ‘duplicate’ button is nowhere to be found.

Please help… thanks!! :slight_smile:

no problem, thanks for the quick response!

I have the same issue - 7 prezis in classic and none in prezi next. I made sure to switch from classic to next as you specified above. All i am trying to do is to make copies of my prezi classics (copy option is not available in Classic version).


Thank you Vanda,

Just to make sure, there is no option for me to save a copy of those prezi classic presentations? If the owner deletes that presentation it will dissapear, there is no way to transfer it?

I’m having the same problem. I need to make a duplicate copy of my prezi! Please help.

Good morning, I am having the same issue in that the copy option does not show on my Prezi Classic’s. Any assistance is much appreciated.

I cannot copy my presentation either? I also seem not to be able to creat new templates in classic?