Can't edit Prezi Classic presentations

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:
I have two small questions:

  • Recently, I seen that I can no longer edit my Prezi Classic Presentations. I am trying to do my account Public, but when I type the right password, the page reloads itself without any action.
    NOTE: I have a connected Google Account.

  • How can I remove a payment method from my Account?

Thanks everyone :wink:

Hi @Federico_Samperi, there must have been an error in the system causing this issue, sorry for that!

I changed your license in Prezi Classic back to Public, now you should be able to edit again.

Thank you very much! :relaxed:
I love Prezi!


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Hi. I have the same problem. Could you also rectify this on my account please?

Hello Gwenan, I have updated your license so that you can edit your Prezi Classic presentations again. I hope this helps.

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Hi, I also seem to be experiencing this problem. I can’t edit my Prezi classic presentations. Can you please update my license, so I will have access to my presentations again?

Can you update my license as well? Thank you!

@Rachel_Litvin @christine_kirov Please make sure to switch to your Prezi Classic dashboard by clicking on the Next logo in the top left corner of the starting page, you should be able to access and edit your presentations from there.

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Hey Sara,
same here - old Classic user, reactivated today, can’t edit my old prezis - and synchronizing with the online version doesn’t work as well.
Account eMail is
Thanks a lot!

Hello Agnes,
i have a matter with my Prezi Classic licence, it’s not possible to duplicate or to create a new project in Prezi Classis Dashboard. Is ti possible to help me ?

Hello @Marc_Flint , looks like your license is active and you should be able to edit and create presentations. Can you please try logging out and back into your account as well as opening Prezi in your browser online?

Hi Sara,

yeah - after I switched back to Classic, everything is fine now, thanks.

Have a great day.



Hello, I have the same issue, can you Please help me?

I cant edit my prezi classic on my android app, can you Please help me

Hello @ku_gordon, currently it’s not possible to edit presentations using your mobile device, only with a computer.

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I cant edit my presentation on Prezi.
please help
Thank you

Hi @Maria_Vu, you only have a Prezi Next free Basic license connected to your profile. Is it possible that you have already registered to Prezi Classic with a different email? Do you have a link to the presentation you’re trying to edit? :slight_smile: Please let me know and I’d be happy to assist you.