Can't find old presentation

I’m logging into for the first time in a long time. I use presentations to orient my new staff each summer. Is there a way to find prezis that i don’t see when I log in?

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Hey @Paul_Abbott, please make sure that you are looking for your presentations in the right place :slight_smile:

You can switch between the Prezi Classic and Prezi Next dashboard, using the arrow in the top left corner. I believe you will find your presentations in the Prezi Classic dashboard.

Please let me know if switching dashboards doesn’t solve the problem.

That’s the answer I needed. Thank you!

There is no arrow in the top left corner to switch between Prezi Next and classic? Please advise.


Hello @M_Meyer, looks like you have a Prezi Next license only, that is why you do not have access to the Prezi Classic dashboard in your account.

I activated a free 7 day trial of plus. Shouldn’t that open access to the old Prezi classic?

Hello @M_Meyer, Prezi Classic is the previous version of Prezi and we no longer offer Classic licenses. However, you can still edit Classic presentations when collaborating with a Prezi Classic user.

it’s ok. I’m not in need of this presentation until next July.
thank you,

Hi there! I logged onto Prezi today to update a presentation that I’ve been using annually for years only to find, it’s not there anymore! Where do I find it again? I really need that presentation. I have never deleted my account and I don’t use it all that often but when I do I REALLY need it…Help Please!

Hey @Sheilah_Burleigh_Seg I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread. You seem to still have the presentation, you’ll just need to switch the Dashboard view from Prezi Classic to Prezi Next.

Can you check Kata’s reply above? :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem - I have lost a number of my old Prezi and I am logged into the correct dashboard - how do I get them back

Hello @lindsay_grist, do you have a view link or a title for one of these presentations, so we can look into this?

Thanks in advance!